The arrival of spring means that it’s time for spring cleaning. And spring cleaning means more than just getting the inside of your home clean. It also means getting the exterior of your home clean and ready for spring and summer. People will be out and about. And you may have family and friends coming over for gatherings. You may even be thinking about selling your home this spring. All of those reasons are reasons why you need to have your home pressure washed this spring.

There is simply no better way to make your home look great without spending a fortune on new siding or a new paint job. A high-quality pressure wash done by a professional power wash company will get the outside of your home as clean as the interior of the home and make your home look fantastic. If you want to have the house on the block that everyone envies and wants their home to look like getting it pressure washed is the way to do that without spending a small fortune.

   Dirtier Than You Think

You might look at your home and think that it looks ok. It might even look clean to you. But if you get up close and look at it you will notice all the dirt and debris that can build up on the outside of your home during a year. If you haven’t had your home power washed in a long time, or ever, you might be shocked at how much crud is crusted onto your home.

During the summer pollen and loose dirt or sand can get blown against your house by the wind. If you have mulch around flower beds outside of your home that mulch could be releasing bacteria that will attach itself to the side of your home. And if you live in an area that has a high pollen count you have probably seen pollen crusted on your vehicle after a particularly dry and warm patch of weather. That pollen is crusted on your home the same way it gets crusted on your vehicle. And only power washing will remove it.

During the autumn when leaves and debris are blown on your home by the wind and rain storms those leaves can stick to your home, your gutters and your windows. They can have tiny particles of dirt or sand on them that can etch your windows and cause cracking or peeling of the surface of your siding. And sticks and twigs that are blown into your home and your roof can cause major damage.

During the autumn and winter, the moisture from rain and snow can cause bacteria and mold to grow on the sides and roof of your home. If you have clogged gutters those gutters can back up adding more moisture and bacteria to the mix. Do you notice that your allergies have been worse this year? Or does someone in your home have allergies that have been particularly bad? That’s because that mold, pollen and bacteria can get inside your home through the windows and through small cracks in your siding. Eventually, bacteria can eat its way through the siding and start reproducing in your home.


But power washing your home can knock all that mold, pollen, bacteria and dirt right off your home. And a power washer can spray a cleaner on your home that will repel all that nasty mold, bacteria and pollen to help your home stay cleaner and more sanitary between power washings.


   Don’t DIY

Now that you know why it’s so important to get your home power washed you might be wondering if you could DIY pressure wash your home to save some money. That can be a potentially dangerous idea. There are some jobs around the house that you can do yourself to save money but pressure washing is not one of them. That’s because trying to use a power washer when you don’t know how to use one can end up damaging your home or putting you in the hospital.

Pressure washers put out a huge amount of force. And if you don’t know the right amount of force to use you could end up causing serious damage to your home. Using a power washer means knowing how to properly handle one. And a power washer has more force than most homeowners have ever tried to use. It’s common to lose control of the nozzle and end up spraying windows or other parts of your home with the power washer. And if the pressure isn’t set to just the right level for your home you could end up breaking your windows, knocking off pieces of your siding, or knocking shingles off the roof.

Trying to pressure wash also means potential climbing ladders from attempting to balance yourself and the power washer on a tall rickety ladder, which can be very dangerous for you. Every year thousands of homeowners end up with serious injuries because they try to powerwash their homes without really knowing what they are doing.

Professional power washers have years of experience handling volatile power washing machines. They also have the best available safety gear and the safest ladders and protective equipment to make it safe and easy to powerwash a home. A professional technician knows how much force to use on different kinds of homes and knows how to safely and properly use a pressure washer and change the settings for different surfaces. It is much safer and much more affordable to hire a professional power washing company to power wash your home this spring.

When you choose to let a professional handle the power washing of your home you won’t have to worry about the water runoff being toxic to kids or pets. You also won’t have to worry about the outside of your home is cracked or damaged by the intense pressure of a power washer. So for this home maintenance and spring cleaning project stay safe and hire a professional.